Hello, my name is Ania Dąbek, I am a psychologist, sexologist and founder of Miyaspace.

For over 15 years in different contexts I have been supporting people in development and change.

As a psychologist, I create space, accompany and support you in being closer to yourself, building good relationships and improving the quality of your life. As a sexologist, I help you discover and consciously build your sexuality.

During psychological consultations and sessions, I work with people who experience crises and difficult situations in their lives, struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety or low mood, have problems with establishing, maintaining or ending relationships, and need support during major life changes.

During sexological consultations and sessions, I support people who do not feel satisfied with their intimate life or want to increase it.

During couples sessions, I accompany and help couples experiencing crises and relationship difficulties.

In my work, I also support people who belong to the LGBTQA+ community or identify as non-monogamous. Everyone is welcome here.

I work only online with people over 18 years of age.

Are you experiencing psychological or sexological difficulties? Do you need support but don't know who to ask for help? There is no specialist in your area? I invite you to a free 30-minute initial online consultation.

My qualifications: